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Recycling Theft

Recycling scavengerBy Anne Noyes

One night last fall Carmen Cognetta was driving in search of a parking spot in the East 90s but kept getting held up by slow-moving trucks in front of him. The trucks were lurching down side streets, stopping every few yards to allow their passengers to jump out and pick up huge bundles of paper and cardboard that had been placed curbside for recycling.

Cognetta, who serves as counsel to the City Council’s Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Committee, knew the trucks weren’t supposed to be taking the paper. By law, the City of New York Department of Sanitation owns all recyclables that have been placed on the curb for pickup.

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Recycling Laws Often Unenforced

Can on the streetBy Sari Krieger

Kader Aribou, manager of the Little Atlas café on West 4th Street, said his establishment hasn’t recycled anything in the year it has been open, yet the city has only fined the café once, with a $100 ticket. The fine was for not recycling cardboard, but Aribou found the notice of violation confusing because it didn’t mention recycling specifically. “They said there are days when you need to put certain things out,” Aribou said. “But it didn’t say I had to recycle.”

New York City law says all residents, schools, institutions, agencies, and commercial businesses must recycle. But some question how well the New York City Department of Sanitation enforces this law.

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